Review Letters

It was nice out again, so I took the Shadow to work. I made it just on time for a non-meeting this morning, and then worked in my office until lunch. I convinced everybody to go to Ridgewood Brothers again, and we waited in line until Zach told us we were too late to eat outside. Instead, everyone brought food back to the shop and we ate in the back.

I went with Zach and Gary to swap a projector for a touch panel at Crawford a bit after lunch, then stayed after they left to help demo the new equipment. When I got back to the shop, they were unloading a truckload of new touch panels.

Once back inside, Zach convinced Ben to let us go home at 3:30. Ben had to start reviews, so he kicked me out of my office for the rest of the day and I went to the back and chatted with some of the guys until it was time to go.

Autumn went with a friend after school, but I still had to get Eaddie, so I ran home for a helmet and picked her up. Then she wanted to go see Summer at the shop for a bit before going back to the house to ride her bike. I finally got my letter from Sheri, and as predicted, she had the most to say by a whole lot.

I tinkered around the house picking up random things until Eaddie got back and wanted to watch some House. Summer came over after the gym with a frozen skillet meal, so I cooked that and we watched TV while we ate. Autumn eventually got home after going to the school play, and everyone slowly trickled off to bed.

When things just aren’t going your way, buy Doge.

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