The girls left for a 5k this morning and let me sleep in. Summer didn’t realize it, but Ben texted me and said she won second in her division. When she got back to the event, she realized Eaddie had also gotten first in her division. I didn’t sleep for too long, and tried to get around to doing something.

Doge was doing pretty well, so it was hard not to get sucked into watching it. I did get showered and moved a few things around, but I never did get the TVs moved and re-hung the way I wanted to. The girls came back over in the late afternoon and were hungry, so we went to CiCi’s for dinner. Afterward they were too tired to go to the hot air balloon event, so we dropped them off at my house.

Dad wanted to go with us, so we picked him up and went to the soccer complex on the other side of the mountain. There wasn’t nearly enough parking to have the event out there, but for whatever reason they didn’t hold the event at Old Post. We had to walk quite a ways to get there, and then spent about half of our time looking at the wood carvings.

When we did get to the hot air balloons, there were only three of them working on getting inflated. Then one of them didn’t stay inflated for very long before they packed it back up. I guess it was just too windy to really do tethered rides, so it was a pretty lame turnout.

The girls were in bed by the time we got home, so Summer went straight to bed while I tinkered on the computer until I got sleepy too.

Howling at the moon for the next week.

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