No Butts About It

I slept in a bit today since Summer took the girls to school and went to work for a little bit. When I got home to shower, Bác Vân was out back with the guys she got to cut down one of my trees in the back yard. I loved the placement of three trees for hammocks, but that one looked like it had started to rot a bit at the base, so I figured it was best to take it down before it came down on its own.

Summer dressed down for surgery, and we headed to Saint Mary’s for her procedure. We were there from a little before 10 until around 5:30, and I just played on my iPad the entire time. Her procedure went well, and they didn’t find anything to worry about. The nurse that was taking care of her was Autumn’s friend’s mother, so they had a good laugh once they realized it.

She rolled Summer out in a wheelchair, and then I took her to Rose Drug a couple times because they didn’t fill all of her prescriptions the first time. I’ll still have to go back tomorrow to get one they didn’t have in stock. On the way home, we picked up some Wendy’s for her first solid meal since Saturday. The girls shuffled themselves around with friends for their after school activities, so I laid with Summer for the rest of the evening.

After a while, she wanted some dessert, so I ran to Walmart to find something. I ended up with a turtle ice cream cake that was pretty good. The girls arrived home shortly after I did, and went to their rooms for the night.

Society isn’t woke enough yet to identify them as HERhoids.

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