Geek Bonding

I dropped the girls off today and made it to the shop early. Zach had me replacing Center Valley’s Chromebox lab with Kyle, which took all morning. We had to stop by Crawford on the way, but otherwise it was uneventful. We got to talking to the resource officer that sits in that lab about barbecue, which got Kyle and me craving Ridgewood Brothers.

When we got back to the shop just a few minutes before lunch time, we learned that everyone else was going to La Chiquita. Ben wasn’t going though, and I haven’t been super impressed by that place recently, so Kyle and I defected to get some barbecue. There were only a few people in line ahead of us, so we got our food and ate in plenty of time.

I burned most of the afternoon either working on an iMac for Daniel, or digging through random work orders. I felt pretty good digging through Ben’s PowerShell scripts, which is good because he won’t be around to explain them for long.

They let us leave half an hour early, so I went home and finally did my taxes. I came out owing about $100, which is about perfect for me. It’s like I got an interest-free loan of a hundred bucks throughout the year. When I finished up with that, I went to my parents’ house for some bún bò Huế. Julie was there and we chatted a little about Hawaii.

I picked up some Taco Villa for Summer on the way back, but still had to get a change of clothes and some gas. She ate a little when I got home, and then it was a quiet night without the girls.

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