Code Monkey Get Up

It was a really quiet day at work with very few interruptions, which allowed me to dig into why some syncing scripts were broken. We didn’t even suspect that was the issue at first, but spending most of the day on fixing one kid’s email turned into a project that would fix sync issues for all of next year. It was neat to dig through Ben’s PowerShell some more and try to grasp what’s going on.

A bunch of us went to Linh’s for lunch, and then Gary helped me update Jamf in the afternoon. I guess we got lucky, because it was completely uneventful and straightforward. Hopefully the Mac will enroll properly now, but I didn’t stick around long enough to see.

I went home for the evening and didn’t get around to much. I still had some leftover rice from a few days ago that I fried in a pan, and eventually made it to bed for a quiet evening.

We’ll update PHP another night.

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