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It’s been rainy all week, but not the bad, floody, muddy kind. Spending last week with Summer has shifted my morning schedule enough that I’ve actually been a few minutes early to work every day. Yesterday was a single big project day, and today proved to be the same. I knew I had to get into the iMac enrollment again in Jamf, so I tinkered with that between being tasked with other things.

Taco John’s had their lobby open for business again, so a bunch of us went there for lunch. Unfortunately the tacos were super chewy and stale, and the salsa bar still wasn’t open. Crunchy tacos and salsa are pretty much the only reason I like eating there.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly, but I think I was successful in getting the Mac enrolled again. It kept its wireless profile and directory binding, so now I just need to figure out the naming script. Kyle came by at the end of the day and asked for some help at Oakland, so we ran over there to look at their AV setup. I let him take off at quitting time, and stayed to chat with Sheri for quite a while after.

When I finally left for home, I called Summer back and chatted with her while I fried up some more rice and ham. Then I got to tinkering with my résumé and a fun cover letter that is anything but serious. I had such a blast that I just kept adding more and more to it. It’s way more fun when you already have a job and don’t really care if you get a different one, and maybe the showing of fun personality traits will actually help somewhere.

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