Two Feet Back

Summer surprised me at home as I was getting ready for work. I was thrown off of my autopilot for a while, but I made it in on time. I finally got rid of the iMac this morning as I watched Doge dive some more. I thought my buy order from days ago was set pretty low, but it just kept going lower. It’s probably a good time to just get out. Zach was still in a mood all day. Ben had to go upstairs for an admin meeting to learn more about how you never destroy the ‘establishment’; you simply replace it. If you do take over, you become the establishment.

I took a super late lunch after nobody else wanted to go, so I ordered two feet of sandwich from Subway and ate with Summer. Then I ran by Crawford to take a look at their copier and get a hard copy of the letter Shavon wrote me. The rest of the afternoon was super quiet as things wind down for the year.

I picked up the girls after work, and went home to change. Then I took them straight home, where I tried to start Summer’s car after a week of sitting. I don’t know if the oil or fuel had settled poorly or what, but I rolled the car off of its little hill, hooked it up to mine with some jumper cables, and eventually got the thing started. I almost got completely creamed by someone running a stop sign on the way to see Summer, but I avoided it with some angry honking.

I dropped the car off and we came home for a quick scavenging dinner, and then Eaddie and I watched some House before bed.

One more day, and we’re off early at that!

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