Playing the Game

Today was perfectly short, since we would be getting out early for the end of the year celebration. It wasn’t the usual mandatory district-wide thing that everyone hated though, and instead each building celebrated on their own. That, of course, meant that our department wasn’t celebrating anything at all.

I didn’t accomplish a whole lot of my own stuff today since I was mostly cleaning things up in preparation for being away. We did get our COVID tests scheduled, which was important. Zach, Greg, Ben, and I went to Wendy’s for some pretty slow, below-average service. My Baconator was good though. Then after lunch I went to the high school to take care of some of Mike’s stuff since he’d been out for a couple days. It all ended up being super simple stuff.

I met Autumn right after school and took her to the shop to see Summer, and then I took her home to start some laundry. Once Summer got home with Eaddie, we took them to karate and then went to my parents’ house to clean up some leftovers they had.

When we got back home, Eaddie wanted to watch some House, which carried everyone to bed.

Alright, back up.

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