Diamond Head to Go With These Hands

Summer got out for a run super early, and I didn’t sleep in much but didn’t realize when she had gotten back. When I finally found her out on the balcony, we decided to get out for breakfast. Dad was up too, and the three of us went to Blue Water Shrimp again after CJ’s New York Style Deli couldn’t get their doors opened within an hour of their posted opening time. The food was really good, and seemed cheaper than CJ’s anyway. I had some super thick French toast that had a great crunch and squish.

After breakfast, we came back and tried to get around to do something. We didn’t have any set plans, so we settled on a hike up Diamond Head. Summer and Dad were most excited about it. I was interested, but leery of the physical toll. Mom and Julie had no interest. We wandered downstairs to try and get some coffee, but the taxi showed up before we got through the line.

Leading up to the hike, we actually drove through a tunnel to get into the crater. Then it was a long hike up the inside of the crater to one of the military installments at the peak. You could see all around the island, and it was just beautiful. The sun was pretty brutal though, and I was drenched with sweat by the time we made it to the top. Some of it was paved. Then it got to a carved, rocky surface, went up through a tunnel again, and then ended with a bunch of stairs.

After a bunch of pictures and cooling off in the strong breeze at the top, we made quick work of the trip down. They had a couple food trucks there, so I got a pineapple smoothie, and Dad and Summer got Dole Whip. I ended up getting a free Doll Whip myself when the girl stuck her head out of the truck and offered it to anyone. Nobody else jumped on it, so I was happy to eat it.

It proved tricky to get someone from Charley’s Taxi back out to take us back to the resort, but we finally got a lady out that ended up being our favorite driver yet. She was super affable and informative, and made it a short trip. By the time we got back, Julie had gotten Mom out of the condo and out to the beach. We changed and joined them for a while until I knew we needed to start planning dinner.

Summer and I came back to the room to shower and change, and then we all took a taxi to Phở Bistro 2, which Julie found nearby with good reviews. I had oxtail soup, which was really rich and tasty, but it was weird that it was made with lettuce and rice in it. I’m pretty sure those beans were peanuts, too.

We had trouble getting a taxi again, so we just walked the mile back to the resort. I started sweating pretty furiously with the humidity, and couldn’t stand to wait in line for ice cream or drinks. Summer and I just headed back up to the room where she fell asleep while I took a cold shower to cool off.

I came downstairs for my blogging ritual at the end of the night, and Dad came out of their room with a pair of panties he found in one of the lamps in their room. Julie called the front desk to talk to a manager about it and negotiated a $100 credit on the resort fees, but I don’t really know what I would expect in a situation like that. Gross? Sure, but I don’t know what kind of resolution would really make me happy. I probably wouldn’t expect anything. Now I feel like I have to clean my own mess up so they can clean around me.

What a time to have a place with stairs to get to the bedroom.

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