Don’t Be Shellfish

I got downstairs early today to walk the beach with Summer. She was finishing up her run as I got down there, so I got a couple pictures of her in front of Diamond Head in the sunrise. I missed a good one with the moon between a couple palm trees though. When she finished, we walked around by the water to see if we could find anything neat, but they do so much combing of all the trash and everything else that there weren’t any shells at all. Just some larger broken pieces of coral.

We headed back up to the room to try and score tickets to Hanauma Bay, but were unsuccessful. Julie came down and made French toast, bacon, and eggs for breakfast. Summer got us all tickets to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, plus housekeeping had to come by in our absence to check all the lamps for women’s underwear. Once everyone was ready, I was able to get in touch with our cabbie friend, Susan, for a ride to the harbor. She had to send another friend of hers to get us, but it worked out fine.

I liked the memorial quite a bit more than I thought I would, and I really enjoyed for one of the few times in my entire life learning about world history. At first I got a bit confused by the audio tour because I didn’t see the numbers that were supposed to prompt me to play the next track. Once I had that straightened out, I moved through the displays as quickly as I could. We almost didn’t get to take the boat to the Arizona Memorial, but they started it up again and we managed to make it on the standby line.

After we finished, Suzan was able to come get us herself, and she helped us decide on dinner at Karai Crab. It was kind of a Cajun-style seafood place, and I think everyone really enjoyed it. Even Dad got adventurous with the mussels and clams. I was a little worried it wouldn’t fill me up, but I felt good afterward. Susan checked in on us as we finished up, then took us back to the Lagoon Tower. It’s been fun building some rapport with her, and she’s been really helpful just in our chatting during our rides.

We got back to the room just in time for the sunset, and then we went back downstairs for some ice cream. I had a five half-scoop waffle bowl that was super good. Summer finished hers and then crashed. Everyone else watched TV while I worked on my evening journaling. Tomorrow, we hope to find better local snorkeling than the super popular tourist destination that we failed to schedule today.

Can you eat the barnacles too?

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