Lagged Day

I slept later than I wanted to this morning, but I needed the rest after such a long two days prior. I’m still surprised I managed to stay up so late with Eaddie. I finally rolled out of bed around 11, and CiCi’s sounded pretty great. We packed the girls up, got Summer’s car from the shop, and went to eat.

After we ate, the girls went home to clean up while I dumped 50 bucks into my gas tank and went home to clean up myself. I didn’t get a whole lot done, but the kitchen looks a lot better. I didn’t even get a shower until after the girls made it home. My schedule may be off enough that I can switch to showering in the evenings, but tomorrow will tell.

I have so much email to excavate, and real mail will start coming in again soon. It’s back to everyday life, except now Summer understands the appeal of life on a sailboat.

At least it’s cooler here, for now.

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