Mostly Waisted

I slept in pretty late today after a pretty rough night of sleep. I just tossed and turned for the first hour or two, and then spent the rest of the night bouncing between several really weird dreams. When I did get up, I took a shower while Summer went to the gym. Then we got everyone up to go to Mulan’s for a late lunch.

Dad wanted to uncover the pool, so we went to their house after we ate. The girls took turns vacuuming the pool, and then we came back to the house.

Everyone was pretty exhausted for various reasons. Mine was because I ate waaaaaay too much. I kept trying to doze off in Summer’s lap while she tinkered on her phone. Eventually I got up and we watched Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary, which got Summer in the mood to watch the actual film. We watched it after the documentary, and then it was off to bed.

By Grapthar’s hammer…

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