Pinch of Spice

We slept in a bit today, and I woke up with some pretty bad pain on my ear and in my back. The ear got better quickly enough, but my back seemed to get worse all day long no matter what I did to try and alleviate the pain. Summer got up and improvised a mashed potato and fried buffalo and teriyaki cauliflower lunch bowl. The girls liked it well enough, but there was no mistaking the cauliflower bits.

I watched The Boondock Saints until the girls were ready to leave the house. Summer took Autumn to the gym, and I took Eaddie home with me so she could ride her bike while I showered. Her ride got rained out after a bit though, and my back was bad enough after the shower that I couldn’t move very well. We were going to go to Walmart for a few more things to make burritos, but let the other two go instead.

When we all got back to the house, Summer and I whipped up dinner really quickly. Then everyone wandered off to their rooms pretty quickly. I went to bed super early, hoping to sleep off the back pain.

And shepherds we shall be.

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