Divide and Make Busy

My back and neck weren’t much better this morning, but I made it through the day. We ended up taking the entire crew to the high school to split up between replacing access points and updating inventory. I lead two groups of two doing inventory while Gary took a couple with him to replace access points. While we accomplished more rooms, I think we overall felt less accomplished overall, just because we know how futile inventory of that nature tends to be.

Four of us went to Linh’s for lunch, and then it was more of the same in the afternoon, right up until quitting time. Then I stopped by the shop to see Summer, who looked like she had been in an oil slick. I didn’t stay for too long, and headed home to clean up before the girls came over.

I had gotten frustrated with my Pixel 2 XL earlier in the day, and got caught up swapping over to my Galaxy S21 Ultra. Once Autumn and Eaddie showed up, we went to my parents’ house for some stir-fry for dinner. Summer was too tired to get out again, so we brought back some for her, and then it was a relatively early night to bed.

Why did that guy have to go and invent ory in the first place?

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