We had a pretty small crew this morning, so we all just did our own things until lunch time. Gary made it back to the office, and the two of us went to Colton’s for some steak. Then Gary had us all back at the high school to continue hanging wireless access points for the rest of the day. At the very end of it all, he, Kyle, and I wrapped up by finishing up some inventory in all the out buildings.

I loaded up an armful of old stuff to bring home from my old office, and waited there until dinner time. Mitch came to town and crashed on Gary’s couch for a couple days so he could train on how to manage a mattress store. He evidently doesn’t own a car, so Gary’s having to chauffeur him around. They decided on Daddy’s Smackin’ Wings for dinner, so I met them and Grant there after dropping a few things off at my office.

We had a great time catching up, and waxed poetic about the old days of video games. Robert picked the wrong time to get his tonsils out, so all I could do was send him a picture. Hopefully we’ll have a couple more days to get together before Mitch leaves again.

When I finally got back home for the evening, I spent a while cleaning up email. I constantly feel like I’m forgetting something important these days. I need to pay the bills I have, and then make a real effort to clean up and unsubscribe from unimportant, attention-seeking companies.


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