Feltnerds Water-Burger

We continued with inventory this morning, with most of us going to the junior high to split up. I walked the building with Kyle and covered most everything. It even ate into lunch by a few minutes just because we lost rack of time. I ran across town to meet the others at Morelos.

When we got back, Zach had me go to the middle school with him to pack up some sample devices to take to The UPS Store to get a quote. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon at the shop just sort of piddling on things.

A little while after work, I met up with Gary and Mitch again at Whatta-Burger. They beat me there by several minutes, and then it took them a really long time to get our food out to us. It really didn’t make sense that it took so long. We had great conversation though, which was good because we may not have any more for a while again.

When we finished up, I headed up to Summer’s where we watched an episode of Glee before Summer went to bed. Then Eaddie and I stayed up and watched some House until I was ready to pass out.

Fun résumé is going to be the talk of the town.

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