Maximum Saturation

Autumn and I got up this morning and went to McAlister’s for free cup day. They gave out 20 free tumblers to the first people in the store, and if I had known how few people would show up, we would have arrived 15 minutes before open rather than an hour and a half. The sun was intense, but the humidity made it hard to breathe. From that moment on, I basically stayed wet the entire day.

After an early lunch, Autumn left and I went home to contemplate working. I ended up just taking the whole day off since I had to burn three days before the end of the school year. I went to visit Summer at work to see if she wanted some lunch. Then I headed towards my parents’ house to see if Dad wanted to look for some tile. There was a bunch of construction along the way, which got me off-route. I made a split-second decision to stop in and see Grant, and then continued on to Dad.

I didn’t stay there long, because I had to get Summer some lunch at 1:30, so I ran all the way across town for some Hardee’s chicken strips. Then Dad picked me up from the shop and we went to Georgia Carpet Mills. I left the Murano with Summer to get an alignment next door at Hindsman’s.

The warehouse was super humid and stagnant, so I was sweating profusely the entire time we were there. We looked at a bunch of tile, got directed to some laminate for a while, and then ended up with five tile samples to take home. I figured at the end of the day, I would be pretty happy with just about anything.

Dad dropped me back off at the shop, and I still had to wait a while to get the car back. The girls failed to complete an appropriate amount of chores at home, so I went home to wait for Summer to get her gym time in, and then we went to Chili’s for dinner.

Why do people insist on living in places that are terrible a large percentage of the time?

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