Low Key

I thought I would be sweating my balls off today, but Zach did me a favor and tasked me with some things at my desk. I did get out to help unload a couple trucks, and then move a bunch of Chromebooks, but it was pretty much everyone else that did all the heavy lifting. I spent most of the day alone in the office.

Greg drove the four of us to Brangus for lunch, and I had probably the smallest chicken fried steak I’ve ever seen. It was truly miniscule. I kind of wished I had just gotten the beef spud as usual. The afternoon went by quickly after that, as I tried to finish up sorting through a bunch of my own filing.

I had to run by the junior high to deliver a laptop, and while I was there, Courtney, Sarah, and Hope chatted about all the hooligan tomfoolery that happened throughout the school year. Then we discussed a teacher that insisted a kid use “nuts” instead of “scrotum.” I ended the day there, then stopped by The UPS Store to ship an Amazon return. The kid that helped me got super chatty and just kept asking questions starting with, “what’s a rash guard” and ending with “how do I tell my father that I dropped out of college?” It was probably the most interesting conversation I had all day.

After work, I stopped by the shop to see Summer had already torn into her car. The plugs or coil had caused it to misfire on cylinder two, so she dove right in and fixed the thing. I was super impressed, but I had to run home and change into some shorts because of how much I was sweating. When she finished up, she drove it on home and everything ran great.

Eaddie was sat on the couch with Fortnite, and the floor in her room still wasn’t swept. Autumn mowed a tiny sliver of the lawn, but burned through both batteries doing so. I was super upset, so we made Eaddie sit it out while the three of us picked up some pizza and went to my parents’ house for the first swim of the season.

When we got back home, Summer and I cuddled up for the first episode of Loki, which I thought was just perfect. It did a great job of plucking a singular character out of the universe, putting him into a new one, and completely defeating him in order to rebuild a whole new world. I can’t wait for the next one.

Wolfman’s got REDACTED!

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