Early to Rise, Early to Bed

I got up at five in the morning to pull Eaddie out of bed. After sitting around the house all week and barely accomplishing anything we asked of her, I wanted her to get out and mow the lawn miserably early so it would be cooler outside. I went back to bed, and woke up later to a decently cut front lawn.

Summer got up and made a big pancake breakfast, and everyone was in a better mood. Autumn fussed about being achy, but we blamed that on her diet and sedentary lifestyle. We’ve all got to get back into cooking healthier food at home.

After we ate, I made Eaddie start mowing the back yard. Summer needed a ratcheting wrench to work on her gas mower, so we went to my house for that, stopping briefly at the shop so she could top off her coolant. Her car is still just as smooth as we could have hoped. Unfortunately she never could get the mower started, so we’ll probably dump the fuel next.

Eventually we gathered everyone up and headed to my parents’ house for a swim. The sun was just overhead, so everyone got plenty of sun. Eaddie was understandably tired, which made her super resistant to going out, but I forced her into a suit, and she begrudgingly waded into the water. She kept asking to leave, but as I suspected, at the end of it all she was the last one out of the pool.

Mom made curry, fried rice, and had Dad fry up some egg rolls, so we all stuffed ourselves for dinner. Then we headed back home where everyone was in bed by 7:30.

Makes a kid quiet, compliant, and kind.

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