Quit Your Mowning

I got up early again to get the kids out mowing the lawn. Autumn refused, so I let Eaddie take the cooler early shift. Autumn wanted to go to church with her grandmother, and allegedly made plans to help her in the yard. We made her come right back home after church to mow in the heat before she could go and spend the night.

Summer left for the gym and I went home to clean up. A little while later she and Eaddie were headed to my house when her car started pouring coolant. I picked them up and brought them home to finish the last couple episodes of Glee. Then we went to Bocadillos for dinner and ice cream.

When we got back home, we watched a couple episodes of House before Summer was ready for bed. Then Eaddie started Loki while Summer and I chatted. I caught the tail end of the episode, but then I was ready to pass out.

Just a little bit hazy.

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