Summer took the Murano to work since her car developed a coolant leak. I took the opportunity to ride the Shadow to work, which was nice in thee morning, but got pretty warm in the afternoon. We couldn’t do the IP scheme switchover we had planned, so we took the whole crew to Crawford instead. There, we finished up inventory and hooking computers back up. We had a decent amount of new Panduit to hang, which wasn’t as much of a pain as the organizing of cables.

We tried going to Zaxby’s for lunch, but they were closed “for the time being.” I don’t know if somebody didn’t pay their taxes, or got in trouble with COVID funds. Either way, we all ended up at Slim Chickens instead, which was a lesser substitute.

After lunch, I went back to Crawford with Kyle and Mike. Then we went to Oakland to do inventory until quitting time. I ran by the shop to put my laptop on the charger, then went straight home. Eaddie wanted to go home, so I took her to the shop where Summer was finishing up.

They came back to my house for the evening, picking up Wendy’s along the way. We ended the evening by finishing the third season of House.

Scope this out.

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