Perfect Plating

Brody and I went up to sign our contracts this morning, and he was paid more than double this month for some reason. Our new payroll lady didn’t have any real answers for him, but if it was me, I would have just kept the money on the front end and let them skip my last check. I got a pretty big bump compared to every other year because of the 3.5% increase to the base pay across the board. Inflation in action.

After that, we spent the whole day at the junior high again, first with RCVA laptops, and then finishing up two of the rooms that had display changes. We had to wait on a couple of the laptops to image, and then we delivered them to the RCVA office where the only two ladies there were both in VR goggles for some goddamn reason??? It’s for the children, I’m sure.

Sara joined a big group of us for lunch at Western Sizzlin, and I tried going lighter than usual. It still wasn’t exactly healthy, but I didn’t leave feeling like I needed to be popped. Then it was a long afternoon finishing up Brody’s last two rooms. For the first time, I managed to fit two HDMI keystones into a wall plate for a super clean install in Mickey’s room.

We were both super sapped all afternoon for some reason, and I don’t think it was the food. We were just tired and didn’t want to move. As soon as quitting time rolled around, I rode across town for gas, then to see Summer briefly in the pit. Then I went home to wait for her before going to my parents’ house for dinner.

Mom had bún bò Huế ready when we got there, so we ate and I showed them the quick 3D model I built of the master bathroom. I suppose it left a lot to be desired, but looking at it through a lens of what I’m hoping to do, having the visual representation of the space really helped me make some decisions on the space.

When we got back home, Summer watched an episode of Master Chef and then dove straight into bed. I didn’t do much more, but waited up for Autumn to get home from a late night at work.

Methinks he doth prestige too hard.

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