We spent all day at the junior high, swapping touch panels for TVs and relocating displays to different rooms. I peeled off of that crew to make some more flash drives for RCVA laptops, and eventually started that imaging process as well. I hate to say it, but it was nice to be on a crew without Josh for once so I felt like I had a little bit of control over the herd. I had answers for their questions, and we got things done correctly and efficiently.

Thomas and I went to Taco Villa to pick up lunch for four of us and we ate in the break room, and then I went right back to the junior high until quitting time. Then I ran by the shop to see Summer before going home to change and then to my parents’ house for some fish soup.

I didn’t stick around long and came back home to try and be a little bit productive again. I’ve suffered from a complete lack of motivation lately, but the next couple days should be just a smidge cooler. Hopefully that helps. I did manage to sketch a 3D model of one of the bathrooms, so hopefully that helps, and I’m not just being extra.

Real sketchy.

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