Elementary, My Dear

Thomas and Zach were both out today, so Gary had to run the show without screaming at anyone. Most everyone had work orders they could tend to, and he was stressing over emails from central office, so I helped with what I could. I had to get a couple computers set up for new hires to fill out background check information, but I’m not sure what they asked for was really the best implementation. I don’t suppose I’m paid to make those kinds of decisions though.

Gary, Kyle, and I went to Foodies for lunch, and I don’t think Rob recognized me, which is fine because I don’t guess we know each other very well anyway. I went light with a gyro and no side, but Gary gave me the last of his fries that he didn’t want to finish.

I went by Oakland for a while in the afternoon and took care of some stuff there for the first time in a really long time. The few people I encountered there were super happy to see me, or perhaps just to see anyone there to help. Then I made it back to the shop for quitting time. Tammy was there a bit late waiting for her ride, so I stuck it out with her and helped move some files around for Kayla, who took her prior duties at the high school.

Once she left, I went to my parents’ house to finish the fish soup, and we had more conversations with feelings. I don’t know why people get so excitable. Back home, Summer was exhausted from a long day at work and went to bed early.

Just hatch a chicken.

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