I’ll Be Your Pilot Today

I slept in just a hair this morning since our appointment with the lawyer was an hour after I normally get to work. I thought I was going to be late, but I ended up arriving first, just before Mom and Dad. It took more time for him to write down their names than anything else, because he immediately told us he didn’t do, or even recommend what we were asking about. Julie showed up at the tail end of it, and then we left to go discuss things amongst ourselves at their house.

Things went predictably, with seemingly no real personal growth for anyone. The aggravating thing is that Julie and I actually agreed on the financials, which was the important part of the conversation. I had previously suggested speaking to an accountant, and I think we should have done that first, because we really need someone to just crunch the numbers first, because the problem we’re trying to solve is almost entirely math. The legal stuff is already in order.

After Julie left, they wanted to look at homes and land for sale the old fashioned way, so Mom had me drive them around while they looked through neighborhoods. That took us at least a couple hours, plus a stop at my house for a bathroom break. Bác Vân came out and talked with us for a little bit, and then we continued on up the other mountain.

Dad and I got pretty hungry after a while, and he suggested CiCi’s. We never could tell how hungry Mom was, but she went along with it. For such a late lunch, the food was hardly fresh, so I had them make a supreme on top of spinach for us. Then we went to Lowe’s so Dad could pick up an order and we could walk around a little bit.

When I got them back home, Mom wanted to review some cars, so we poked around YouTube for a bit. Then I finally made it home and tried to do a bit of picking up. The evening went by pretty quickly, but I got a few things filed and put away. I also got the guest bathroom measured and modeled, so now I can print them both out and write in some measurements to order some tile. Next up will be deciding on fixtures.

The vast majority of the world doesn’t care about your issues. Live accordingly.

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