Single File to the Cioppa!

I couldn’t sleep in much today, and got up to rummage for some leftovers for breakfast. We sat around for a bit before Summer went to the gym and I headed home to try and motivate myself back into cleaning. I got some piles of old paperwork sorted and trashed or filed, and did a few odds and ends here and there. Summer came over after the gym and put in some major work in the back yard. She stacked all of the firewood that was piled up in the back, and even consolidated the larger logs that will have to be split later.

Every time I went outside, my body started to just seep moisture from every surface. I don’t know how Summer does it, and I absolutely hate it. I’m just ready for winter to come along so we can burn some wood now. I couldn’t believe she finished the entire pile of wood, so I treated her to a steak dinner at Colton’s.

Nearing the end of our meal, Cole and Aimee were seated at a table next to us, and I hadn’t seen Cole in several years. We didn’t chat too long though, since they had other family there as well. When we left, we came back to my house for the evening. Summer watched some TV while I just barely poked around, not feeling super smurfy. It really feels like a switch was flipped, and I’m just completely drained all of the time now. Everything hurts, and is more difficult than it should be.

This just won’t do.

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