Road Warriors

Summer and Autumn took off early this morning for Bixby, Oklahoma. I didn’t wake up until they had already gotten there after a three hour drive, so I called Summer just in time to wish them luck. Eaddie slept all morning, so most of the day was a bust for me.

When Eaddie did finally wake up in the afternoon, she didn’t want to go anywhere like she planned the night before, so I left and went by the Ridgewood Brothers to deliver some coupons from Superfast. They were already sold out by one o’clock, which was a surprise. Evidently everyone was loading up for the three-day weekend and ordered their food in bulk.

Summer and Autumn were nearly back home by the time I got to my house. I ate some leftovers and cleaned up, and before too long it was time to pick Summer up for our drive to Paron for a wedding. I had some trouble finding an outfit I was happy with, but settled on something mostly new. I couldn’t get comfortable, but I didn’t have a whole lot of choices given the heat and the occasion.

It was a beautiful drive for the most part, through the hills and some small mountains. We made it to the Cold Springs Events Center about half an hour early, but there were plenty of others already there. It was a neat looking venue, and they kept the wedding gracefully short. For the reception, we found a table with at least one other person Summer knew from work. At that same table was a woman that reminded me of my sister every time she opened her mouth. Then another guy at the table that I think someone said was her brother said something, and it was like I could hear myself.

The food was some of the best I’ve had at a wedding reception. We filled up, hung out for a couple quick pictures, and then made our way out. It was a dark drive back home at higher speed since I wasn’t trying to drive slowly to avoid getting there too early. We stopped by my house so I could change, then came up to Summer’s where she crashed almost immediately. Even Eaddie went to bed early, leaving me alone in the dark again.

Well no, it sounds awful when you put it like that.

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