Big Fun in Little China

I slept in a while today after sleeping pretty heavily last night. Autumn had gone to work and Eaddie was still in bed while Summer watched TV. I eventually got up and choked down some questionably old fish tacos before going home to clean up. Once Autumn got home from work, I headed back to pick the three of them up to go see Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in Conway.

We stopped in at Game Point first to browse around and kill some time before the movie. Eaddie really didn’t want to go in, so we let her sit in the car. Before too long it was time to head across town for the show. The Cinemark was completely out of butter somehow, which I didn’t even think was possible. What followed was the driest movie popcorn I’ve ever had, but somehow still not the worst.

It felt like there was about an hour of mostly commercials and previews before the show, but eventually we got our movie. I thought it was incredible, and I found myself getting a bit weepy during the old style fight scenes with the traditional movie style martial arts. I just thought the whole thing was really beautiful.

After the movie, everyone was in the mood for Chinese, so we went a few doors down to China Town. Autumn ate frustratingly little and then continued a downward spiral of attitude the rest of the night. We hand-picked our playlist for the drive home, I stopped by my house briefly to take my contacts out, and then we took the girls home.

Summer had to yell at Autumn a bit before they both went to bed. Eaddie and I stayed up to watch a couple more episodes of House until she fell asleep in my lap again. Then I finally made it to bed.

Did America make you soft?

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