Good News Everyone!

We actually had a bit of a team meeting this morning, which was nice to break up how busy it’s been. I picked at a few different things to close out some old work orders, but didn’t make it to Oakland like I really had kind of intended. Most of the others went around to other buildings to clean out the tech offices that had accumulated a bunch of old crap. When they got back, everyone else came out to help unload the truck and trailer.

By then it was lunch time and someone made the call to go to Sam’s. Almost everyone went, and Thomas ended up buying. To make things even better, Brody only ate about half of his food before giving me the rest to take home, so I have plenty of fish for the weekend.

The afternoon went by pretty quietly as well. Thomas came and sat in my office for a few minutes after work to chat, and Judy emailed to say she had good news. We’ll have a meeting with her next week to see what that means. All in all, I think it was a pretty good work week.

I went by the shop to see Summer on the way home. Autumn was there too, but left when I did to go get gas. I went home to change and thought I was going to pick up Eaddie, but Summer ended up getting her after work. I came up to their house for the evening, but Summer didn’t get her mashed potatoes and coleslaw from KFC, so I drove her back to get them.

Everyone just kind of picked at the food before going off to do their own things. Summer crashed early in preparation for her long drive and obstacle run at Conquer the Gauntlet tomorrow. Eaddie and I stayed up until about midnight watching House until she fell asleep in my lap. With nothing else to do, I finally made it to bed myself.

Three day weekends are best when surrounded by four day weeks.

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