Hyper Extensionism

I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep last night, but this morning wasn’t too bad once I got home and ready for work. I actually made it in a few minutes early and got to settle in, then spent a good portion of the day helping others as they came through. It was a Carly Rae Jepsen kind of morning, and I was surprised to find a new album waiting for me.

Zach, Gary, and I met Greg at McAlister’s for lunch, and I struggled to get cellular data and their app to cooperate. Eventually I was able to redeem my 30-day tea pass from the free cup day Autumn and I attended, but the subscription never showed up on my account. The girl at the counter took care of me, but I’ll have to see if it shows up on my account tomorrow, or at least next month when I return for the BOGO-next-month deal. It was really the only way the $10 baked potato would be even remotely equitable.

After lunch, I tried digging into a couple of deployments that took up the rest of the day. My phone continued to ding as Travis relayed stories of things he had learned of his wicked ancestors after his mother passed recently. That continued through work and into the evening.

I stopped by the shop to see Summer briefly on the way home, then continued with my final two loads of laundry to complete t-shirts and empty out the new hamper for restructuring. I’ll be glad to get this old floral loveseat out of here. I just wish I had a better place to store my shirts.


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