Half Day

I slept pretty hard last night, and Summer let me sleep until about 11. We got up and had some leftovers for lunch. Then she got busy cleaning up around the house while I sat around like a spoiled brat. Autumn had gone to work, but she got Eaddie up around noon to help clean up a bit. When she eventually left for the gym, Eaddie and I watched some House.

Autumn got home from work first, and then Summer came home from the gym. We sat around a bit longer until Mom called us over for some phở. Autumn wanted to stay behind and finish up her chores, so the three of us went across town to eat.

Julie showed up after the rest of us had sat down to eat, so we finished up and moved out of the way one by one. We didn’t stick around for very long since Eaddie still had a bit of project work to do as well.

Summer and Autumn both went to bed pretty quickly. Eaddie took a shower late, and then watched an episode of House with me before we both went to bed, less than 12 hours after waking up.

Welcome to the wide world of grate lifters.

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