License to Deploy

The folks at PLTW have been a bit slow to respond, so I was happy to come in to a new license file today that ultimately resolved the issues I was having. It didn’t unwaste the time I burned on it last week, but at least I could close the ticket.

Lunch time came and went pretty quickly. I was just going to go home for a break a bit late since I never heard from anyone else, but on the way out Zach asked me out, so we went to Mulan’s together. He still wouldn’t tell me the big secret, but I didn’t really figure he would.

After lunch was much more relaxed since my big project was out of the way. I ended the day at Oakland running a quick HDMI cable through the ceiling and banging my head against a SMART board. I finally just gave up on that one and left.

I stopped by to see Summer at the shop, but they were pretty busy for a moment and I didn’t really get to talk to her. They were slow both times we drove by during lunch, and apparently they had only just broken the trend. I fought her bathroom door for a bit because it was wedging into the doorframe, but I didn’t have much luck.

Finally I went home to finish up some laundry and decompress for the evening. I even tried to treat myself to eight full hours of sleep.

Still better than the live action movie.

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