If It Doesn’t Fit, It Ships!

Today was relatively quiet for me. I spent most of the day helping others with things they didn’t know how to do, which can be fun. When lunch time came around, Summer wanted to go to New China. I went to meet her, but discovered they are closed on Tuesdays now, so we went next door to La Huerta instead. They had a pretty good lunch special for three tacos, and our service was awesome. It was plenty to fill up without feeling overstuffed.

After lunch, I went to Oakland for a while to take care of some things. Then I went to the high school to help Brody for a bit. As I pulled into the high school, I saw that they had a helicopter in the parking lot with a group of people around it. I didn’t stare too hard, so I couldn’t really tell what it was from, but seeing aircraft in unexpected places is always fun.

I spent the last part of the day working on some things for myself in my office. I made it home a bit late and tried to keep busy cleaning up. I loaded some recycling into the car for tomorrow, and packaged up a whole bunch of returns to take to the post office. I ordered so many pairs of jeans from Old Navy, only to decide that I have no business wearing anything without some level of elasticity. With my size, my bits flex and squish into different shapes depending on how I’m moving around. It doesn’t help that I’ve always worn my pants too high, so they fit around my belly that really does most of the shifting. Things that fit when standing don’t fit when sitting. The flex also makes mounting motorcycles way easier, so there’s just no reason to ever go back to stiff pants.

I ended the evening scheduling a bunch of Microsoft virtual training courses for the free certification exam vouchers afterward. I’m sure it will be just as awful as that sounds. I fully expect them all to be sales pitches.

Imagine my surprise, the certifications are a trap.

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