Mmmm… hungry.

It was supposed to rain today, but I don’t think it ever actually did. It would have been a fine day to ride again, but I was happier to get my four return packages shipped off anyway. I kept trying to figure out a way to deploy a C++ compiler for Ethan’s classes, but no matter what I do it doesn’t seem to like something about our setup.

A group of us went to Quiznos for lunch, and the whole time we were there I just kept thinking about how the food is always just okay, but always feels like it’s missing a whole lot of something. I very seldom leave satisfied, and I was left hungry for the entire rest of the day. I think I’ve only ever had one sandwich there that I really enjoyed. Next time I’m going to go all-in with the vegetables to see if they look at me like I’m crazy. Subway never flinches.

After lunch, I ran to Oakland for a bit to try and fix an issue. Then it was back to the shop for a relatively slow moving afternoon. Even with that, I still can’t help but feel like time is just flying by this year. I still can’t get a grip. I feel like I’m constantly losing time.

After work, I went by to see Summer at work. While I was there, I printed a return label that I forgot to print at work, and then dropped off my last package at Walgreens for return by FedEx. Then it was home to try and pull focus on some more junk.

I got sidetracked a bit in the garage, but cleaned up one tiny box. I guess it had to be done at some point anyway. We may try to host something tiny for Halloween, so I’ve got a lot more to do in a month’s time.

I have hunger.

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