Hung Like a Bicycle

Again, it didn’t rain today. It didn’t even really look like rain most of the day, but it got humid in the evening. I didn’t get enough sleep, so it was a bit rough getting in to work. Once there, I just dove right back into my project.

Brody called for Bocadillos for lunch, so four of us made the trip to meet him down in Dardanelle. Evidently they have all-you-can-eat enchiladas on Thursdays, so we’ll have to go sometime for those and some dessert.

The afternoon was relatively quiet, but still mostly unsuccessful. I just haven’t had any luck this week. When I left work, I stopped by the shop to see Summer for a little while. She was actually in the office for a change. She showed me her cleaned up stock, and then I headed home.

I finally drilled some holes in the wall for a single bike mount. With my luck, one of my five screw holes hit a nail, so the load-bearing mount only has two of the three screws in. It creaks a bit too much for my comfort when you swing the bike around. On top of that, somehow my perfectly level screw holes lead to a slightly slanted mount. The mountain bikes are so heavy that I’m not entirely sure I trust those mounts, especially if someone eventually parks next to them. I guess some time with a bike up on the wall will comfort me.

And the walls kept tumbling down…

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