Two by Four

Summer and Eaddie ran a 5k this morning while Autumn and I slept. I didn’t really sleep in much, but I laid awake with a cat laying across my neck until the other two got back home. Then I sat around for a little while before going home to do some work.

It was really nice outside when I got there, so I decided to hang the rest of the bicycles in the garage. I got one done pretty quickly, but the next two had me sweating as the outside temperature continued to rise. Bác Vân stopped in to chat for a little bit as I finished up. Then I went inside to shower.

Eventually I met Summer and Autumn at Walmart to pick up some dinner. We picked up a bunch of stuff from clearance, then got steaks for dinner. I went back in to get a bunch more Kool-Aid because it was only 15 cents, and then I met the girls back at their house.

Summer prepped stuff for salads and mashed potatoes inside while I grilled some New York strips and hot dogs. The steaks actually cooked to a nice doneness, but they were still tough for some reason. Autumn’s cheeks were still swollen pretty badly from having her wisdom teeth out, so she just ate hot dogs and mashed peas on a plate without any buns.

After we ate, Autumn went to bed and the rest of us watched an episode of House. Then Summer went to bed and Eaddie and I watched one more episode before bed.

I’m forgetting something.

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