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I was supposed to do some training this morning to show Jacob, the one newest tech, how to image a computer. I kind of assumed he had already done so before, but evidently he hadn’t. Instead of keeping it super simple, I treated it like I was giving real SCCM training, and gave a quick overview of a task sequence, which I think was good practice.

The rest of the day was the total opposite of productivity. I managed to always be doing something, while somehow never accomplishing anything. I should get some kind of award for being able to do that.

I thought most of us were going to lunch together, but then Thomas disappeared with Zach and Greg. The usual four rest of us decided to go to Ridgewood Brothers, and wouldn’t you know we ended up in line behind the others. I keep letting those things bother me, and I guess I shouldn’t, but it’s just a huge shift from how things used to be. It’s causing pointless aggravation with more than just me.

While we were in line, Robert came out to tell me that Karen had their baby last night, and that he delivered him himself. Evidently their midwife was several minutes out when the moment arrived, so he just did it himself after having “caught” them in the past.

Everyone took their food back to the shop to eat, since it took us about 40 minutes to get through the unusually busy line. I tried their new pickles, but didn’t really love them. It’s the first thing they’ve had that I really didn’t care for, which was a surprise.

The afternoon was slow and quiet. I never made it out of the building, in spite of my plans to do so. My second day of Microsoft Azure training came and went, and I didn’t listen to a bit of it. Eventually I just left work and went home.

Summer took the day off to take Autumn in to have her wisdom teeth removed, so the girls were all home after school. I sat around the house for most of the evening until later, when I went to join them. Autumn was already asleep on the couch. Summer was already sleep in bed. Eaddie was awake as usual, so I went and sat with her for a while. She went from doing Duolingo to talking on the phone while I played the Switch, and then my phone.

Eventually even Eaddie wanted to go to sleep, since Summer signed the both of them up for a 5k in the morning. I played easy, yet satisfying phone games for a while longer, and eventually made it to bed.

‘Cause I’m a dic… I’m addicted to you!

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