I had trouble getting to sleep last night, and at some point tangled myself up in my CPAP hose, then pulled my CPAP off the nightstand and into the floor. Fortunately nothing broke and I made it through the rest of the night, but it made for a slow start to my morning.

I just hung out in my office all morning, as it was pretty quiet downstairs. Around 11, I started a Microsoft Azure virtual training course, but left it running while we went to lunch. Summer met Gary, Zach, Greg, and me at Wendy’s for a no-frills, quick lunch. Then it was back to the shop for what ended up being the rest of the day.

At one point I thought I would go by the high school to work on some software for Ethan, but I never made it. Instead, I had to wait for some software to finish downloading, and then I got sidetracked troubleshooting a wireless keyboard that evidently was paired to a different receiver, and I just didn’t notice for several minutes.

After work, I went straight home and finished up the strip of carpet I had been scrubbing. The last stretch pulled out a bunch of really dark water, but it looked better and I was tired of it by then. I really needed to start the drying process so I could move the furniture back and out of the way.

I ended the night trying to peel a sticker off of a fuzzy, oversized, tennis ball, because television props are cooler without unnecessary branding.

That ball saves lives!

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