Soggy Carpet

It rained a bit today, so I drove to work. I had a CPPC meeting pretty early, and that lasted nearly until lunch time. Six of us went to Sam’s, which is usually pretty doable, but they were short today and it took us nearly an hour just to get our food to the table. I got to take a few extra pieces home, which was nice.

The afternoon was pretty quiet, and I ended the day at Oakland to run a touch cable through the ceiling. It was a bit easier than I expected, and I made it out pretty close to quitting time.

I went straight home since I already felt pretty gross from being up in the ceiling, and started cleaning carpets as soon as I got in. I put on an old George Carlin special, and then Minority Report in the background while I cleaned, since Amazon wanted to give me a $5 credit for streaming something out of their Prime Video catalog. It didn’t really distract me at all, but it still took me all night long just because I kept pulling dirt out of the carpet.

This is going to take all month.

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