Carpet Diem

I finally finished up what should have been a pretty short and easy project today. I probably could have just worked around the issues much quicker, but I feel like the experience gained was worth more. Hopefully.

We had an issue with Apple computers stealing existing hostnames from our directory, and nobody could figure out why, nor did anyone want to put the effort into retooling our management system. Zach was finally tasked with figuring the crap out, so now I know we’re in trouble.

Several of us went to La Chiquita for lunch, where I had a light, and what I felt was overpriced tamale plate. I used to really not like tamales, but they’re a sometimes-food for me now. After lunch I went by Oakland for a bit, and brought back a list of serial numbers for iPads that were misbehaving.

After work, I went straight to my parents’ house for some eggplant soup. Then I headed home to clean some carpet. My new carpet cleaner is great for quick jobs, but not so great for big ones. The waste tank is just too tiny, and I feel like I empty it two to three times for every clean water tank. I also kept pulling up dirty water, even after two hours on a 3′ x 4′ area. I ended the night with the decision to soak that area and a little farther down with some off-brand oxi-cleaner to see if I fare any better tomorrow.

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