It stormed a bit last night, but I missed all of the rain today. I made it to work abnormally early, and it was super quiet all day long. Thomas came into my office to ask about the CPPC meeting, and confirmed that the changes likely wouldn’t be made to the classified salary schedule. He suggested we ask pointedly how much money we can afford, so that we can work backwards from there.

Lunch time came and went. I lost track of time and noticed people walking out too late, so I just skipped lunch and continued working. Brody wanted some help hanging a touch panel after school, so we did that to finish up the day.

After work, I stopped by Summer’s shop to see her briefly before continuing home. I decided to work on the carpet some more, since it still felt crispy all over where I had cleaned it last week. The pump sprayer I got from Harbor Freight ended up splitting. I think I filled it up too much with water that was too hot, so the pressure from pumping air into it just ruined the plastic. I thought I had let all of the pressure out when I put it on the sink, but halfway through my first pass at cleaning the carpet, I heard a crash in the kitchen and ran in to discover Oxiclean had exploded all over the kitchen. I guess as far as things you’d want to explode in the kitchen, cleaning solution is right up near the top.

The water kept coming up black the entire time I was working, so I may end up doing it again tomorrow. I’d rather focus on the one strip now than have to move furniture around repeatedly in the future. The one neat side effect of all this is that my toilet bowl has never been whiter.

That’s fast.

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