Better Than It Sounds

I made it in to work a couple minutes early this morning, and it was a pretty quiet day. I didn’t hear much from anyone until lunch when a big group of us went to La Huerta. Thomas ended up buying, and then I went to Oakland to take care of a couple things before their two-hour early dismissal for conferences in the evening.

As soon as I got back to the shop, it was time to meet Josh to help Brody install a sound system in the new art room. We weren’t particularly fast, but nothing too bad happened. We just sort of took our time and made it work.

After work, I met Eaddie at the house and helped her get the bicycle down to ride for a bit. Then we went to Walmart to pick up a few things for dinner on the way up to their house. Summer had thawed out some brats to grill, and we had a quick and easy dinner.

It was a relatively early night to bed for everyone. Even I was feeling particularly tired, so I didn’t fuss too much over anything else.

You little brat.

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