Sofa, so Good

I didn’t sleep in much today. Summer got up and went to the gym, and I went home to start cleaning things up. After her workout, she picked up an order from Little Caesar’s and came over to help. We finally got everything off of the couch in the bedroom and carried it out into the living room. I had forgotten how bad of shape it was in, but we’re still six months away from the next bulk item pickup day.

With that out of the way, I could continue moving things around inside while she pressure washed the patio furniture and the concrete pad out back. I felt pretty drained just going back and forth inside, picking apart things that had been sitting around for years. Eventually Summer finished up and headed back home. I ended up following after her once I got to a stopping point.

Summer made some quick stir fried noodles that the three of us ate while Autumn was trying out for the wrestling team. Then we showered, and Eaddie and I finished the night with a couple episodes of House until bed.

Now I just need more places to store things.

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