We Have You Surrounded!

Today was a bit quieter at work, but I still struggled to accomplish much. I ended up contacting SMART support and got a quick, yet apparently incorrect answer that I’ll have to address tomorrow. I also got a repaired Chromebook back from Dell, but it doesn’t want to let me set it up because it “can’t connect to the internet” even though I can absolutely see that it is connected to the internet.

If I didn’t have chores to do, I would have hung out after work with Gary, who was building his new gaming rig in the shop. Instead, I went straight home and started cleaning up the kitchen. Summer came over as soon as she was back in town from another day on the road, but she didn’t feel up to much. I abandoned cleaning in favor of wiring all of my speakers, and I don’t think anyone ever questioned my priorities.

Summer went to bed and left me up pretty late getting everything calibrated. Hopefully we have enough time after work tomorrow to get things ready for the shindig. At the very least, we can watch a movie.

Things are finally starting to look… roughly different…

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