Crab Claw Chicken

I slept really hard last night, so it was a little bit of a struggle to get out of bed. I slept well though, so I didn’t drag too much once I got started. It was a pretty quiet day at work for the most part. I accomplished some new things that came across, and then went to lunch with the trinity. We went to Popeye’s, and I tried to use an app discount that disappeared on me while I was waiting in line, and the manager ended up manually giving me an even better deal. The chicken strips I got varied greatly in size, but they came out even, unlike usual.

In the afternoon, I ran around with Zach a bit and tried to look at some other shirts at Mullen’s. They had even less variety than Autumn’s typical dinner plate, so we left there and went to Crawford to check on a door that was working perfectly. Afterward we chatted with Shavon for a minute before heading back.

I ended the day at Oakland just to drop a bunch of fixed equipment off. I saw Eaddie on the map outside, so I went out to fetch her and took her home with me. I got out my new, unused Cardo Packtalk system and spent far too long trying to mount one to her helmet. The rubber kept peeling off, and I probably caused more scuffing to the helmet than if I had just removed it in the first place. Eventually I got it on, and we tested everything to make sure it would work for her next riding lesson.

Everyone assumed I was bringing Eaddie home, so we ate some leftovers there and watched a couple episodes of House before I did. Everyone else was in bed, so I wrapped up as quickly as I could and went to sleep.

Go ahead, TACCOM!

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