We had a meeting this morning about nothing in particular, after being told that we wouldn’t be having meetings every Friday as we have in the past. Zach was out with a sick kid, so Gary had to divvy the rest of us back up into groups to do the few projects we had. Brody, Gary, and I went to the middle school to hang a TV for the resource officer, but metal studs behind drywall made it a challenge. John ended up coming in to supervise in the already tiny and crowded office, but at least he was sat behind the desk.

We finally got everything up a little bit before lunch, and went back to the shop to wait for everyone else to get back before the Thanksgiving lunch in the cafeteria above us at ground level. The food was surprisingly good, and even the girls joined us this time.

Gary helped me run an audio cable on the Oakland stage after lunch, and then I went back to finish up a few things at the end of the day. Michael gave me a couple leftover pies from a pie party they had, and then chatted at me about cryptocurrencies for a while.

I took Eaddie home when I left, and we finished up our last episode of House before going to La Huerta for dinner. Autumn was at Quiz Bowl camp, and Summer had just gotten back from Little Rock and was working out at the gym, so it was just the two of us. As we pulled in, Eaddie wasn’t satisfied with how busy the parking lot looked, so we went next door to New China instead. She was in a super good mood and we talked a lot as I stuffed myself silly.

When we got back to the house, Summer and I went to Walmart to pick up things for our Friendsgiving the next day. Then she jammed out in the kitchen prepping pudding and broccoli salad while Eaddie and I watched more House until bedtime.

Now, sleeeeeeeeeep.

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