Giddy Teens

Summer had to work in Little Rock, which left me with Eaddie all day. I kept trying to motivate her to clean house, but that was a struggle. She had already cleaned a bunch yesterday, but wanted everything spick and span for when her boyfriend would be coming over in the afternoon. I didn’t get up to much of anything until later in the evening.

Zane came over and the two of them just hung out in the living room playing the Switch. The two of them went outside for a minute, and then Eaddie came back in and locked the doors. I pondered her fretting over his visit, only to lock him out of the house once he arrived. Summer got home just as he was walking around the house, and let him back in.

I picked up some Papa John’s for dinner, and just sat around until his father came to pick him up. Summer needed to run to Walmart for some more store supplies, so we went there, to get gas, and then to pick up some towels from her shop here. When we got home, she went to bed and Eaddie and I binged some House until bedtime.

No, they were stupid too.

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