House Sitting

Summer took the Murano to Little Rock for the Chenal lube’s soft open, so I was more or less stuck at home with Eaddie all day. She didn’t leave her room until mid afternoon, which left me to poke around the kitchen and tinker with anything that would hold my attention. When Eaddie did finally come out, I had forgotten about the chores she was supposed to do, and we just started watching House.

I took a shower as Summer came back into town and went to the gym. Then we went to my parents’ house for some leftovers from Thanksgiving. Eaddie was supposed to go, but copped an attitude. It’s good to know my PM Sensor works so well, I guess. We ate with Dad, then went to my house for a few minutes so I could pick up some things.

When we got back to Summer’s, she went to bed and worked on her laptop. Eaddie was doing laundry, but after that was done we watched a few more episodes before bed. It won’t be long until we finish the show, so we’ll need to decide what’s next.

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