Beautiful Day to Waste

I narrowly got Eaddie to school this morning and made it in to work. I thought it was going to be closer than it was, but just like winning – whether you’re early by one minute or one hour, early’s early.

It was another quiet day downstairs. I went to Oakland before lunch again and took care of a few new things. I did my best to kill the time just because there wasn’t much going on. Gary said we were meeting Dale at Taco John’s for lunch, but Brody asked me to pick him up after dropping his truck off at a tint shop. I didn’t realize he was going to one halfway to Dardanelle.

We had to spread out at Taco John’s, so Josh and Greg sat behind us. Dale seemed to be doing well. The Marine talk between him and Brody must have been similar to what they hear when we talk nerdy. I was surprised that Thomas didn’t show up, but he’s sporadic at best anyway.

The afternoon was absolutely beautiful outside, and I was tempted to leave. Ben wouldn’t have cared if I took a half sick day, but I haven’t quite figured out the new regime yet. I just stayed in, quiet and bored.

After work, Eaddie was having fun on the Oakland playground, so I left her there and went home to change. When she was ready to come home, I brought her back to eat, and then I took both girls home for the night. Summer was back from Little Rock, and we helped Eaddie with some math homework and then had pie before bed.

What the buck?

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