Hot Doggin

After two days of taking Eaddie to school, I was on my own this morning and didn’t get in until five minutes after eight. I wanted to take a bike to work since the high was a little over 70, and I guess eenie-miney-mo took a little longer than it should have. I ended up on the Shadow, behind someone that clearly was not in a rush to get anywhere.

I had a CPPC meeting in the morning, which was super short. We went over some duplicate policies and laughed at how poorly they had all been organized over the years. It’s an embarrassment for all those that came before, really. It’s basically taking a full time employee to fix it all.

I didn’t get into much else, partially because I kept working on the meeting minutes, and partially because I just couldn’t focus on anything. I rode to Brangus for lunch with Thomas, Gary, and Brody. Then the afternoon was pretty quiet as well. I had to run by Oakland to turn a computer off and back on again, but otherwise I didn’t accomplish much.

After work, I went home for a little bit and had a leftover kielbasa on a hot dog bun for dinner. I thought I was doing well by going relatively light in quantity, but it left me hurting a bit later in the evening. Eventually I had to get out to pick Autumn up from a Quiz Bowl trip, so I stopped by Casey’s first for a free drink, then took pictures of the tacky lights on the front of the Gardner building.

I had to wait in the parking lot for Autumn because they were later than I was expecting. Then we stopped by Walgreens to pick up an order, and finally headed up to their house. Eaddie was stuck doing homework in her room all night, so I laid with Summer for a little bit before finishing up my own routine and going to bed.

Nothing noble about these gases.

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